Friday, October 02, 2015

Mia with Coahes

Sweet Mia misses cross country practices on Monday b/c of piano practice.  She NEVER misses a photo op though!  Here she is with our fabulous coaches Mahlon and Coach Techa.  Coach Techa is the Nashville Music City Marathon winner for the past 4 years.  He is a machine….he also teaches kids to love the sport of running.  How blessed we are!

T-Town Weekend 2015

S. old stomping grounds!  We enjoyed some yummy ribs after the win!

I love that they still love each other. 

Proud Daddy and his girls!

Fun at the game! Roll Tide!

Meeting Heather…..Lily and John's babysitter!  How fun!

The band!

A picture with a "twirler"

Role Tide!

The date of this made me laugh.  I actually had to spend time at the LIBRARY to get information.  S. got to go to the computer lab!

Big Al


What a FUN day!

On the way out we saw SANTA!  The day was pure magic!

Well Dog Check

I am happy to report that Cubby is healthy and growing old gracefully!  He had his 9 year well check and got a clean bill of health.  I learned how to clean his teeth.  Anyone who knows this dog knows what a task that is!  No wonder they put them to sleep for a true dental cleaning.  We love our little fur fellow!

JAE Cross Country 2015

I have done a TERRIBLE job of recording in pictures the girls 1st year in Cross Country.  I am so proud of them.  It is the first year their school has had a team and they have been in 1st place for both boys and girls each week for the past 3 weeks.  The first meet we missed…bad mommy moment!  I took a wrong turn in the park and the race had just started when we pulled in.  We did cheer for our school and got a good feel for what it was all about.  The next two races have proven to be very hard but so good!   The girls have both improved their times and are enjoying running.  It is a great group of kids and parents.  This weekend I will get better pictures to document the event!  Proud to be a Jaguar!  

Cumberland Bike Trail

We packed up our bikes and hit the trails in Nashville.  We had so much fun discovering new territory!  We were a bit tired after our trek! 

Camp Out

A few weeks ago, Mia and I slept in the tent on the trampoline!  What a great memory we made.   It got bright a little too early but we had so much fun!  I love this little face!

Pix from school

STEMtastic Friday activity!   I love that Mia's teacher sends me moments in photos to capture her learning!

Emma and Mia before school!

It's a dance party!  Ansley, Emma, Marlee, Emily, and Jackson

Izzy and Mia…..No Words Needed!

Sweet Selfies

Ansley and Grace can spend lots of time entertaining themselves behind the camera!  Sweet girls are making memories for their apartment they plan to share in college.  Their mindset is, "It's never too early to start planning!"  Two peas in a pod!

And the WINNER IS….Mia Scott!

Ansley, Mia and Izzy posing for a quick picture in the transition from school, cross country practice to church.  

We love having Iz join us for a speedy family dinner on Wednesday nights!

Mia was the lucky winner of these Newtons!  Coach Techa got a donation of 9 pair and Mimi's name was drawn.  She is certain she is much faster!  We will see at the race on Sunday!


The best part of helping in the kitchen…..licking the beaters!  

Breakfast of Champions!  These girls have NO idea how lucky they are.  S.  cooks homemade breakfast daily.  This morning it was french toast and bacon…..he had a protein shake and I had a protein bar.

Picture Day 2015

The girls were ready for picture day!  We will se how they turned out!  I am sure they will be beautiful!