Monday, November 17, 2014


Mia LOVES taking care of her "babies"!  I want time to stop!  She is precious being a "Mommy"

Christmas Trees are up!

Mia's tree in her room.  We have so much fun going through the ornaments and talking about their significance.  I love that our girls love tradition.  

I remember when Ansley stood beside this tree and was about half its height.   She keeps growing up!   She had so much fun decorating her tree alone this year!   Precious!

Busy weekend in our house…..after looking at a calendar there wasn't much choice other than to put up the Christmas decorations.  I am not a fan of "before Thanksgiving decorating" but this year it had to happen!   Girls loved every second of it….so that makes me smile!  'Tis the Season!

3rd through 5th Graders Lead Worship FBCH

Ansley auditioned for a movement part in the production.  She was so excited to get a part. She sang and danced in all three services 8:30, 9:45 and 11.  It is so much fun to be part of a church where there are so many talented children that have hearts for Jesus.   I am so thankful that God just continues to use our girls to share His LOVE!

2nd Grade Choir

What a blessing it is to hear Mia and her friends sing to Jesus!   This girl is filled with JOY as she lifts her voice…..LOVE!  They have an opportunity to perform for the Pastor's Bible Study once about every 6 weeks. 

Sunday, November 02, 2014


These are a favorite from Grammy and PawPaws back yard!   Thanks for sharing with us, they are delish!

It's C-O-L-D outside

I'm wondering how it was 84 degrees on Monday?!?

Oh well, just bundle up and play anyway!  The girls have invented a pull toy.  The person on the bike pedals and the rider holds on (for dear life, I might add)!  

Trick or Treat 2014

Our Gypsy and Pirate

It was a freezing night, but we survived!  Mrs. Freebern (Ansley's teacher) picked us on a hayride and we trick or treated the neighborhood!  It was lots of fun!!!!  There is a lot of candy to prove success!

School Parties 2014

Thanks Gpa and Kim for the Halloween treats!  Love you!

Mia and Adam!   Love these two!  They have been in the same class every year.  They are so good to each other!

And with a mouth full of treats!  

I love working in the same building so I get to stop in and share in their Harvest Parties!  What a fun Friday we had!

Every Parents Wish…...

Filled with joy when I saw this on Ansley's board!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ansley's 9th Birthday Sleepover

Anyone that knows me or has seen pictures of  the girls birthday parties, realizes I love party planning.   This year we were out of town for Ansley's birthday so last night she got to celebrate with friends!  She LOVES her girl friends and they are pure entertainment for me! This group of girls are solid kids with great parents.  It is my prayer that these girls continue to make great decisions as they grow and always have hearts that  are kind!  Our girls are blessed to have these girls in their lives!

Pure Silly!

Riley and Ansley

Kinsey and Ansley

Marlee and Ansley

Lucy Jo and Ansley

These girls were tired last night!  All snuggled in for a movie, I wasn't sure they were going to be able make it through!

What's a sleepover without Krispy Kreme in the morning?!?  The perfect start for the day!

It amazes me that these girls don't share classes this year, but still stick together.   Ansley has had 2 of her dear friends move away this past year, we miss Emma Grace and Libby everyday, but especially during girl get togethers!   They were part of the conversation and here in spirit last night!