Monday, April 13, 2015

Mia's Big Orthodontist Appointment 4-13-15

Last picture with her braces!

Oh how we LOVE Dr. Morris

A little nervous waiting for the big moment…..

First straight smile!

Dr. Morris getting all of the glue off and polishing her pretty teeth!

Getting to brush for the first time!

How fun!   She got a logo cup filled with all of the candy and sticky treats she wasn't supposed to eat with her braces on!   I love that they "get" kids.   There only rule was…..brush well after you eat all of this!
So Mia completed phase 1 of her braces.   In October 2014, she began this journey of getting her jaw in the correct position to fix her underbite.  So after wearing an expander, head gear, springs and braces, she has completed phase 1.   Now we monitor her jaw growth and bite, wait for all of her baby teeth to fall out and start phase 2 when she is around 10 or 11.   She has been a trouper!   She has minimally complained when her teeth were sore and always kept the big picture in mind.   We are very proud of our girl!
Ansley can't wait until it is her turn, thank goodness she only gets one set!  

Yard Work Sunday!

The girls made our lunch.  Ansley said, "Look Mama, I made it like you see how pretty it is."  Love that girl!

In deep discussion about how things grow!

It is finally looking a lot like spring around here!  We have had a cold winter so the warm sun and green grass is a nice welcome.   It was fun to play in the dirt and plant all of our flowers this past weekend.   The girls each got a bed to plant and are so excited to watch their work grow into a beautiful garden!   Some of my favorite childhood memories are planting flowers with my mom.  It is something we still enjoy….I hope our girls love the memory as much as I do!  Happy Spring!

Roll Tide….Soccer 2015

This weekend we kicked off soccer season.  S. is coaching the 3-5th grade girls.  Mia got bumped up so she could play on his team.  We had a great season opener.  Both girls played tough and continue to learn about the sport.   I was very proud when the opponent didn't have enough players and Ansley volunteered to play for them so they didn't have to forfeit.  It wasn't easy for her b/c she is competitive, we were very proud that she could see beyond the win to help a team in need.   There are a great group of girls on our team and I know we will enjoy Saturday mornings on the field.   The only problem this year is the uniform color.   I thought my husband just might die when he had to put on that TN orange coaching shirt! YUCK!!!   Oh well….what we will do for our girls!  Go Jaguars!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter 2015

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny!

Baskets were filled

Eggs were found!

Best of all….. the Stone was Rolled Away!

Eating E.B's left overs!

Happy Easter!
This is one of my favorite days!  I love that we celebrate our  Risen Savor.  I am so thankful for a church where we gather to worship Him.  What an AMAZING day!  

Home Again

Look what was waiting for us when we arrived last night!  Thank you Grandpa and Kim for the chocolate egg filled with a surprise!  Happy Easter!

Spring Break '15 Final Destination

Finishing a beautiful day in Harbour Town

Hilton Head Island, SC.  This is my favorite place on earth and I am so thankful we were able to enjoy a beautiful beach day and see all of the beauty this time of year.  There is nothing like the Carolina pines touching the ocean.   What a relaxing couple of days!