Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ansley's 9th Birthday Sleepover

Anyone that knows me or has seen pictures of  the girls birthday parties, realizes I love party planning.   This year we were out of town for Ansley's birthday so last night she got to celebrate with friends!  She LOVES her girl friends and they are pure entertainment for me! This group of girls are solid kids with great parents.  It is my prayer that these girls continue to make great decisions as they grow and always have hearts that  are kind!  Our girls are blessed to have these girls in their lives!

Pure Silly!

Riley and Ansley

Kinsey and Ansley

Marlee and Ansley

Lucy Jo and Ansley

These girls were tired last night!  All snuggled in for a movie, I wasn't sure they were going to be able make it through!

What's a sleepover without Krispy Kreme in the morning?!?  The perfect start for the day!

It amazes me that these girls don't share classes this year, but still stick together.   Ansley has had 2 of her dear friends move away this past year, we miss Emma Grace and Libby everyday, but especially during girl get togethers!   They were part of the conversation and here in spirit last night!

Tech Trek 2014

Mia's group ready to run!   Ms. Goodfellow knows how to make memories!  Second grade rocks!

Love these precious girls!   Kinsey, Riley, Ansley, and Marlee
I pray these girls always take care of each other!

Jack Anderson Tech Trek…..This is a fun day for all kids to participate in fundraising and exercise.  Our amazing PTO does a great job organizing and making sure kids have so much fun!  We love our school!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ansley Parker 2014 School Pictures

Loving every second of this age, but wanting time to s-l-o-w down!   Ansley's 3rd grade picture.  
I am certain there is a way to crop and get that flash out (I took a picture of a picture).  This is going to have to be good enough! 

Mia Scott 2014 School Pictures

Our precious girl's 2nd grade pictures!  Love her "posed"smile and spunk!   My goal is to send them to family before she is a third grader!  Ha!

Birthday Presents…..

Oh Nanny!   She LOVES her new shoes!   I think she is ready for me to get fall clothes out so she can wear them.  Thank you for keeping her stylish!   

Grandpa and Kim…. thanks for the card and birthday money!   I think she has big plans for  it!

Grammy and PawPaw…..what a treat that you got to give Ansley her gift in person this year.  Thanks for making her feel so special!

It's hard to believe that 9 years ago this little girl entered the world.   Thank you for all of the love, birthday wishes, phone calls and texts.   She is one loved little girl!  

Sweet Fendley!

The girls were so excited to get their Faith in Fendley t-shirts!   We love that precious girl, and even though we don't get to give her hugs and kisses (she is in Arkansas) we pray for her and her precious parents daily!   We can't wait to see what God does in her life!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

9 Year Old Well Check

9 year old stats:  64lbs.  50%, and 53inches 75%.  I don't think she has ever been 75% in any area of growth thus far.  She is so excited she is "tall"!   She grew 3 1/2 inches in a year!  She is excited for cooler weather so she can see that none of her pants fit!  

I always write this post with tears in my eyes that we are blessed with healthy children.  Each year I am overwhelmed that our doctor appointment is filled with appropriate development and great reports on health.  My heart is filled with such humble appreciation that God has given us healthy girls.  We never take a minute of that for granted.  My mind and heart are never far from my hospital work where I saw children struggle to perform "normal" activities, and often roamed the halls with IV poles and wagon rides.   I am forever changed because of those precious lives and never take for granted the gift of health.   So….with that said, I am so thankful that Ansley Parker is right where she needs to be in growth and development.
God has perfect plans for each of us, it is fun to be a part of what He has in store for this amazing girl.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Break 2014

We ventured out of the country for Fall Break this year.   Aruba was a great escape.  We loved relaxing, and enjoying each other.  I am almost certain Mia would live there…in fact I think she may have grown some gills.   Ansley also enjoyed the adventure of seeing another culture.   Fall Break Success!  We indeed are blessed.

And That's a Wrap

The view yesterday morning was palm trees and blue seas… a pile of laundry!  It's great to be home, the view just isn't as pretty!

Island braids are out…..LOOK at that hair, I think she was a little nervous it wasn't going back to normal.   No worries… is.

Aloe Plant

Aloe plantation

Our guide was so good.  She taught us all about the history of the aloe plant and all of it's benefits.  We LOVED this part of our trip.  It was so fun to watch how they process and bottle this plant.  

I loved this 30 minute factory tour.