Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gift Presentation

The lighting was terrible, but I never want to forget this.   After Mia finished her painting she gave it to her daddy!   She was so proud of it!  He LOVES it and I have a feeling it will find a space on his office wall!   P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!

No School Thursday

We had to change it up a bit!  For breakfast it was chocolate cake in a mug and  ice-cream! Is it summer yet?!

Study Island tents!  These girls crack me up!


Watching the weather to see if we would be in school on Wednesday.  Yay….we were!

Snow Day # 7

Tuesday was dedicated to "The Arts"   The girls painted and practiced the piano.  Ansley made a quick trip to the doctor for an ear infection, but quickly resumed to her project.

Snow Day #6

Last week we enjoyed every second of  our no schedule  days.  However , on Monday I required that our brains began working again.  Here are the girls putting in their time on Study Island.  Yay Pearson!

Puppy LOVE

I'm not sure what these two will do when they are separated for school.  They have sure loved spending snuggle time together during our days at home!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Little Chef

Mia is helping make chili for dinner!  We are wrapping up our week of snow days with more ice hitting the windows.   I am hoping 40 degree temperatures and rain melt this mess and we will be back on track Monday!   I am NOT a fan of snow days!  I have loved spending time with the girls and snuggling with no plans, but I also like a schedule and am ready to for my brain to work again!

Monday, February 16, 2015

First Official TN Snow

Ansley couldn't wait to take out the trash.  You can't tell, but the ground is covered in ice.

Mia ready to play


Soup is on!

Finally it began to snow!

Big Beautiful Flakes

Icy trees

In for a warm up treat!

Drying off station!  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

So Much L-O-V-E

My Precious Sissy!

Special glasses from Aunt Miss and Family!  HUGE HIT!

Constant gymnastics in our house!  Just like with Miss and I were their age!

Love this picture of Ki and our  girls!  So glad Ansley and Mia have such an amazing  teenager to look up to!   

So glad to see these people!  So thankful they made the trip to see us this weekend.  I am glad that Sarah, Reed's girlfriend, was able to join us.  She is so sweet! 

I blinked and Ki turned 15!  How in the world is my baby niece that old?

Darin and Miss…..we have grown up together.  I am so thankful that I have two amazing people in my life that are always on my side.  They have carried me through some hard times and have always encouraged me.  I am so thankful that as we have grown up, and now have families we still connect on a level that is family deep!  Love you two!

These picture need no captions!   You can "feel all of the love"!

We missed Cole this weekend and hopefully we will get to see him soon!   College boys are busy!   Sending him lots of hugs and kisses!