Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturdays Have Meaning Again!

When I woke up this morning all was quiet in my house!   I walked into my living room and no one was here.   Ansley was still at her sleep over.  S. and Mia were out mowing the lawn!   I realized I got to sleep in…..I LOVE Saturday mornings!

Making Memories!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Day of School!

Ansley ready to tackle 3rd Grade!  Mrs. Freebern is the teacher leader for JAE, so she was in a class and unavailable for a 1st day picture!  Ansley is LOVING 3rd grade especially all of the big kid school supplies….BINDER!   

Mia and Ms. Goodfellow!  What a great start to her second grade year.  She has finally declared she LOVES reading.   I am so thankful!   She is a great reader but has always said recess and lunch were her favorite subjects!   I am thankful for a great beginning!

Making Pickles

What fun to make homemade pickles!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Teacher Gifts…..and Meet the Teacher Night!

It has been a busy week here.  I officially went back to work on July 24th, with professional development.   The days of 3 months of summer vacation are not realistic anymore.   Last week was busy with more PD and registration nights.   The girls got to meet their teachers on Thursday.   Mia Scott will be spending the year with Ms. Goodfellow in 2nd grade, and Ansley Parker will be in 3rd grade with Mrs. Freebern.  They greeted their teachers with the above gifts.  I know God has lots of fun and learning prepared for these two.  

Squeezing in the LAST of summer!

So thankful for great friends that invited us to join them on the lake for a few hours of fun before we had to be at school for registration!  School starts early here….so we still get to do summer stuff even if it is now limited to weekends only!

Mia's 7th Birthday!

We have a 7 year old!

All her wishes came true!   We celebrated with a restaurant of her choice and lots of LOVE! Thanks for everyone that lifts this gift up in prayer and love.   She is a blessed little girl.  I know God has big plans for her.  She is so much fun, kind hearted and truly filled with JOY!


Our precious friends The Freeman's have moved to Florida.  We miss them so much but know we will be lifelong friends with these amazing people.  Emma Grace and Ansley have shared two school years of memories and there is always a party with Mia and Ella Kate!  Love these precious girls!

Ans recovering from a spill!

Braxton has moved in a few doors down.  He and Mia have become instant friends playing all kinds of outdoor stuff!  Scooters, Pogo sticks and bikes are current favorites!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swim Awards Banquet 2014

First in free relay!

Sporting their hardware from the city meet!

Final Event for the 2014 swim team year!  Medals were handed out for a year of achievement!  So proud of this team and all they have accomplished this year in the Nashville Swim League.  What an amazing group of kids!

Mia's 7th Birthday Party

What a fun morning we had with our almost 7 year old and her friends!  This year she opted for a pool party!  

The guest of honor!  She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive so she could swim with them!

My assistant party planner

Our precious girls!

Lucy Jo


Hannah on a mission!

Lunch served on frisbees!

Anderson got her fighting boat rafts!  That will make for a fun afternoon at the pool!

Hmmm…..what is this!

We continue to be blessed with such great friends!  What a gift that Mia has such amazing kids in her life!  I pray as they grow up together they continue cherish each other!
Happy 7th Birthday big girl!

Summer birthday's kinda rock!
 A pool party and the girls get to spend the night!   Poor Scott is in for a night full of girly fun!  The best part is all of these little girls LOVE Mr. Scott and all of his silliness!