Saturday, July 25, 2015

Adventure Science Center Birthday Party!

Mia loves science!  She chose the theme of  Space for her  party this year.  So we booked the fun event at the science center.   She LOVED every second of learning and playing.  She got to be the guest astronaut.  

Trying on a blanket like they wear in the space shuttles.  

Trying out the bed on the shuttle this is  attached (velcro) to the wall.  

Cake designed by the birthday girl. 

Trying out her rocket!

Her friends helping her celebrate!   We love these precious kiddos and their families!  

Out of this world Birthday Girl!

Love that the science center in Nashville has a HUGE guitar!  Music City appropriate!


Mia had so much fun helping plan her party!  It wasn't easy to put girl touches on a Science theme!  

Treat bags filled with Moon Pie, Milky Way, Pop Rocks,  and Starbursts

Party favor buckets filled with a rocket pen, foam rocket, magic bubbles, glow sticks, and slime.  This turned out to be an amazing party!   So much fun celebrating our girl!

Happy 8th Birthday Miss Mia! 7.24.15

Gift receiving!  This girl LOVED her gifts this year!

Getting some birthday love on the phone!

It is hard to believe that our baby girl is 8 years old!  Yesterday she chose every activity and event.  She spent the day at the pool (surprise)….and then dinner at Flemings.  She is full of love and spunk.  She has ideas of her own but a soft heart and a gift of loving others.  She is kind and enjoys her friends.  She always finds fun in all she does.  She is a blessing to us and we cannot imagine our family without this precious girl!

Look who showed up to help her celebrate…..CHRISTY!   For Christmas last year Mia got a book and a birthday outfit that said Christy would return for her birthday.  She was so excited for the opportunity to see him again.   Well….I put the book and the outfit somewhere super special and cannot find it!  (Uh Oh)  So at 10:00 on her birthday eve she remembered that Christy was going to visit.  The search began and ended for me about 2 a.m. after having gone through Christmas decorations, every hiding spot in this house, and wracking my brain.   Anyway with a wish to Santa….he arrived holding her birthday invitation and wearing a party hat!   The best gift ever!  

Only Mimi can pull off a Dollar Tree birthday hat at Flemings!  

A Week at Nanny's

Lexi and Mia having fun in the pool!  Lexi is growing up to be a beautiful young lady!  She is growing up too fast though.  

The girls trying on their scarves  Nanny made them!   I didn't  take a single picture with my camera of Nanny and girls or our trip to Hilton Head!  Those memories are just going to have to be in our memory banks!  What a fun week away before we head back to school.  Thanks Nan for loving us well!  We love and miss you! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Awards Banquet 2015

This is amazing to me…This girl NEVER tires of the pool!

Coach Angie and Coach Mike preparing

Love Ian!  This is the perfect picture of him!

First place free relay and medley relay….so fun to watch!

Ansley and teammates

I love how proud Mia is of Nolan.  He was the most improved swimmer of the season.  He ROCKED this year.  

Dylan and Mia showing off their hardware.

So thankful for our amazing head coach!  Another year of  growth for these girls!  Fairvue Flippers!