Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swim Awards Banquet 2014

First in free relay!

Sporting their hardware from the city meet!

Final Event for the 2014 swim team year!  Medals were handed out for a year of achievement!  So proud of this team and all they have accomplished this year in the Nashville Swim League.  What an amazing group of kids!

Mia's 7th Birthday Party

What a fun morning we had with our almost 7 year old and her friends!  This year she opted for a pool party!  

The guest of honor!  She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive so she could swim with them!

My assistant party planner

Our precious girls!

Lucy Jo


Hannah on a mission!

Lunch served on frisbees!

Anderson got her fighting boat rafts!  That will make for a fun afternoon at the pool!

Hmmm…..what is this!

We continue to be blessed with such great friends!  What a gift that Mia has such amazing kids in her life!  I pray as they grow up together they continue cherish each other!
Happy 7th Birthday big girl!

Summer birthday's kinda rock!
 A pool party and the girls get to spend the night!   Poor Scott is in for a night full of girly fun!  The best part is all of these little girls LOVE Mr. Scott and all of his silliness!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ansley 2014 City Meet

Ansley and her favorite cheerleader for the day!

Even though these girls swim for different clubs, they are still great friends!  We LOVE Lucy Jo!

A little nervous before the 1st event!  But ready!

So proud of this girl this year!  She swam all 6 events in the City meet.  She didn't swim the fly all season but did well today!
Here are the results:  Free 25.89 -1.44 Seed time
Back 33.46  -6.20 seed time
Fly 31.25 -20.75 seed time (WOW)
Breast:  DQ, she swam her fastest time, not sure what happened!  She won her heat and time was posted, but then showed up DQ.
Free Relay 1:34.88 -5.12
Med. Relay 1:51.68 -3.32

What a fantastic season!   

Friday, July 11, 2014

City Meet 2014- 6 and under

Coach Charming and a few of his swimmers.  The meet theme was Disney, so Coach joined in on the fun and the kids LOVED it!   

Ready to Rock!  The events today were 25 Free, 25 Back and Free Relay!

Marked up and ready to go!

One last pep talk before the beginning of the race!

We couldn't be prouder of this girl!  She had an amazing day at her first Nashville City Swim meet.   She was a heat winner for free, and  her relay team took home 3rd overall, but 1st in their division!  
Her 25 Freestyle time was 26.57 -4.41 seconds faster than her seed time
Her 25 back 30.58 -6.92 faster than her seed time
Relay 1:46:90

So proud to be a Fairvue Flipper!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mia Scott's 7 Year Well-Check

It is hard to believe that I am posting stats about my almost 7 year old baby!  Where has the time gone?   Each year has brought a new stage of development and required learned parenting with our "A little Spicy" girl!   We visited Dr. Lund this afternoon and am happy to report we have a normally developing little girl.  I thank God daily for her healthy body and mind.  Mia continues to excel with anything she puts her mind to!  She truly is a gift.  This years big growth accomplishment is she grew 3 INCHES!!!  She is 50.5 inches tall (90% in height) and 54.5 lbs (70% in weight).  She is 100% personality!   She is loved beyond any measure and we are so thankful for her!  

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Fairvue at Jewish Community Center

Such a great group of girls!  We have had a fantastic swim season!  Fairvue Flippers were undefeated this year and move up a division next year!  We are so proud of this team!  Not only have they pulled together to make history they have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.  We have the City Meet this weekend!  Mia swims on Friday, Ansley on Saturday!

Addison, Riley and Ansley

Mia ready to ROCK her races!

Ansley swam the Breast, Free, Med Relay (Breast), and Free Relay!

Mia swam Back, Free, and a Free Relay!
Both girls swam fast and did a great job bringing home heat ribbons!

July 4th, 2014

So thankful for all of those that fight for our country so we are free!  Especially thankful for these little firecrackers!

Love that these kids have so much fun together!

Two Peas in a Pod
Molly and Ansley Parker

So blessed to have the Corya's visit for the weekend.   We had such a great time celebrating the 4th of July.  We are so glad that God continues to bless our lives with friendships that last a lifetime!