Sunday, March 15, 2015


So, most of you know I am not a fan of the Cinderella story.  In fact, when my girls were little she was referred to as the "lady in the blue dress".  It wasn't until we took our first Disney trip that I introduced them to her.  Ansley was 5 and Mia was 3.   I honestly did not want our girls growing up thinking that love is a fairy tale and you have to be rescued by a prince.  Now, granted I love a good story, but I felt in the developmental stage of pretend I didn't want this idea engrained in their minds.   Anyway, all of that to say they have watched the movie, read the books, and loved dressing up Cinderella.  Don't fret, they have had a full childhood! Fast forward to this past Friday evening.   Ansley was at a birthday sleepover, so Mia had our full attention.  I love spending one on one time with our girls.  So we went to dinner and a movie. Her choice, Cinderella!   Let me just say, Disney did a very good job of completing the story.  The tag line was about having courage, being kind and being proud of who you are and where you come from.  Best of all……..she wasn't' rescued by the prince!  Job well done!

My projects….

I had some time this afternoon so I monogramed the girls a couple of t-shirts for spring.  I love my Silhouette, and would monogram everything if I could.  They had a friend over and Mia promptly ran upstairs to get one of her worn shirts for me to monogram her initials.  So funny.  So Caroline is proudly wearing one of Mia's tanks with her monogram!   Her mom might think that it is a requirement that she has to have a monogram shirt to come play!  Mia has some explaining to do! :-)

My Birthday!

I celebrated another year!  My favorite cake was ordered and I was surrounded by love.  I am blessed!

Final Snow Days of the Year (I hope)

On March 4th we got our final snow of the season.  It was enough that we didn't have school on the 5th or 6th.  So our activities included, cup stacking, sledding, and baking.  The following day we picked up a friend and delivered all of our treats to the firemen and police officers.   In return the girls got amazing tours of both places and LOVED giving.  Mia even got to start the fire truck!  

Typical Breakfast

I have to post this because someday we are going to hear about how we don't love them…..(I might move out during teen years)!   My amazing husband gets up and makes the girls breakfast EVERY morning.  This day it happened to be "Country Girl Breakfast".  Country ham, red eye gravy, grits, toast, eggs and milk.   I know they will come home from college for daddy's breakfasts!  I eat a protein bar on my way out the door, and S. has a protein shake.  That's LOVE!

Yay Ansley!

So proud of our girl!  She has made the 200+ Club in reading this year.   She continues to love to read.  She was the leader in her class this past nine weeks for reading over 3 million words!   

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

2nd Graders had a week of fun scheduled to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday.  The week was cut short because of our final snowfall of the year.  Anyway, here is Mia in her silly hat on Monday.

Wednesday of the same week….wacky mismatched day!

JAE Carnival Spirit Day

The biggest fundraiser for our school is Carnival.  It is a weekend of fun.  This year it was Feb. 26-27.  It is kicked off with all the students wearing carnival colors.  On Friday night there is a live auction, band and dinner for adults, and on Sat. there is live/silent auction, and carnival games at school.  What a fun weekend of community.  This year the PTO raised $56,000.00.  What a great group of parents, volunteers, donors, and teachers to support all we do at Jack Anderson.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gift Presentation

The lighting was terrible, but I never want to forget this.   After Mia finished her painting she gave it to her daddy!   She was so proud of it!  He LOVES it and I have a feeling it will find a space on his office wall!   P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!

No School Thursday

We had to change it up a bit!  For breakfast it was chocolate cake in a mug and  ice-cream! Is it summer yet?!

Study Island tents!  These girls crack me up!


Watching the weather to see if we would be in school on Wednesday.  Yay….we were!

Snow Day # 7

Tuesday was dedicated to "The Arts"   The girls painted and practiced the piano.  Ansley made a quick trip to the doctor for an ear infection, but quickly resumed to her project.

Snow Day #6

Last week we enjoyed every second of  our no schedule  days.  However , on Monday I required that our brains began working again.  Here are the girls putting in their time on Study Island.  Yay Pearson!

Puppy LOVE

I'm not sure what these two will do when they are separated for school.  They have sure loved spending snuggle time together during our days at home!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Little Chef

Mia is helping make chili for dinner!  We are wrapping up our week of snow days with more ice hitting the windows.   I am hoping 40 degree temperatures and rain melt this mess and we will be back on track Monday!   I am NOT a fan of snow days!  I have loved spending time with the girls and snuggling with no plans, but I also like a schedule and am ready to for my brain to work again!

Monday, February 16, 2015

First Official TN Snow

Ansley couldn't wait to take out the trash.  You can't tell, but the ground is covered in ice.

Mia ready to play


Soup is on!

Finally it began to snow!

Big Beautiful Flakes

Icy trees

In for a warm up treat!

Drying off station!