Friday, May 29, 2015

We LOVE Summer!

Mia dug out a book from when she was little and in the back are recipes for all kinds of Apple Treats.  So she made an Apple Cake today!  I love that we have time together for spur of the moment activities.  She was very proud of her baking (as you can see from the photos).  

I didn't have a piece!  I think it was a huge hit!   

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Night Rider

It is so hard to tell in pictures but the girls have their bikes wrapped in lights.   It is a FUN evening when they get to ride up and down the street in the dark!  We LOVE summer!

Ansley Got Braces! 5.28.15

Pre braces smile

So excited to get started on her new smile.

We LOVE Dr. Morris and his staff.  This place is awesome.  I know this is why Ansley was so excited….no fear and so much fun picking out band colors.  

I was reviewing the contract and Dr. Morris had me look out the window into the patient area.   He loved that Mia was helping Ansley out and telling her exactly what to expect.  Mia just finished phase 1 of her braces so for once she got to be "the big sister".  Dr. Morris thought it was precious.  I thought it certainly was picture worthy!

And their on!  I'm not sure who is more proud…. Ansley or Mia!

Here we go….2 and 1/2 years of office visits.  

Look at those bands….pink and blue.  She is getting a hat monogrammed and wanted her braces to match!  Our stylish girl is always thinking!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Ansley and Molly BFF's 

Maddox and his Tooth Fairy loot!

Working hard on a puzzle

Best view at the lake!

Stylin' in my glasses

Teens, Tweens, and littles all playing a game together!  We have made such great friends hear and are so glad to gather each year!

Ready to PLAY!

Love these kids!  Ansley (9), Grace (12), Caroline (11), Molly (9), Mia (7), Maddox (6)

Crazy kids!

Still a little sleepy after two days of fun!

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Going through their loot.

We so look forward to this weekend each year.  The Corya's have made it a tradition to include us in their lake weekend.  I love that our kids connect on a level that is so deep and of course the adults just pick up right where we leave off.  So thankful that God has blessed us with these amazing friends.  Perfect way to start the summer!

My Back Porch

I LOVE my back porch living area.  It is even better with this beautiful weather and pretty ferns and flowers!  I am hoping to spend many summer moments here relaxing or gathering with friends. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soccer Treat!

Tonight marked the last soccer practice!   Final game is Saturday morning!  What a great season we have had.  I am so thankful for a husband who coaches the team and celebrates each child's accomplishments.   I am more thankful for a team of girls that experience the guidance of a coach that teaches great fundamentals of the sport, great sportsmanship, and a competitive  love for the game.   Great work Jaguars!  What a fun 2015 season.

Last Day of 2014-15 School Year

Mia's creative art work from their Eric Carle study.   I LOVE this because it is Ms. Goodfellow's classroom tree house (reading corner).  

Ms. Goodfellow framed each child's art and wrote on the back.  Here is her note to our girl.  BLESSED

Mrs. Freebern truly brought out the best of Ansley.   She had very high expectations with responsibility, academic,s and behavior.  Our girl rose up and exceeded her goals this year.    Not only does she leave 3rd grade prepared for 4th, but she leaves with life long lessons learned, character developed, and a deep seeded love for a teacher that touched her heart forever.  We are so thankful for all of the GREAT teachers this girl has had.  Mrs. Freebern tapped in to a little girl and created a confident learner that continues to have a love for school!

5-22-15  Last day of 2nd and 3rd Grade

Ms. Goodfellow and sweet Mia.   Ms. Goodfellow truly helped our girl grow so much this year.   Mia developed a LOVE for reading and has excelled because her teacher LOVES to learn and teach.   She touched Mia's heart and developed a little girl that has grown not only academically but developmentally and socially.   She truly had an appreciation for Mia's silly personality and love for others.   She always went above and beyond investing in our Mia ….I am not sure we could ask for a better match.  Mia is prepared to go to 3rd grade but will always have a love for Ms. Goodfellow and the memories of her 2nd grade year!  Mia cried when Ms. Goodfellow presented her with her framed art.  TOUCHED!

Presenting……Straight A students for the ENTIRE year!   We are so proud of their hard work and love of learning!  I pray that they always love to be challenged and enjoy the process of learning.  I know God has big plans for their smart brains and precious hearts.  I can't wait to see how He continues to grow them!